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tv   Conservative Political Action Conference-- Newt Gingrich Sarah Palin  CSPAN  March 8, 2014 11:00pm-1:01am EST

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and encouraging young women leaders to get out there and take leadership. there are many of them. i mean it when i say we need buy-in. we need by and. -- buy in. they are amazing. we need buy-in from the leadership in congress. we need more women, conservative women, as heads of committee. where are some of these women who are incredible? marsha blackburn is incredible. there are women in congress that should be out there when free contraception is being talked about. women, talk about these issues. men, but wer white have to promote our women in order to start resonating and in order to start listening to us. divider in chief is my latest
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book. i wonder what that is about? >> thank you very much. >> i thank you for having me today. it has been wonderful. my job as a candidate and hopefully having that national platform to progress would be to point out that this administration is promoting equality of outcome. when the federal government does that, you are reducing everyone to the lowest common denominator. we need to be talking about what our country has offered. that is what we should be promoting. that is equality of opportunity. that is what we're all about. [applause] that is the innate genius of america. that is the defining characteristic of americans, that we have an inherent and in andnius for invention innovation and we need to be able to apply that as we want to as individuals in a free society. i am working to win this race.
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i would love your support. lease check me out of because i don't want anyone to break the law, the federal max is $2600. [applause] >> look around the room. you'll be looking up the stage for the rest of the night. look around at your fellow conservatives. some of you are maybe not even republicans. maybe your independence. the bottom line is that it is usually crowds about the size that take nations back and create revolutions. our founding fathers created aydin amex where we are able to have our rap -- revolution quietly in the polling place. , personally and how you view yourself, but remembering that when people want reform and nations want
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reform, they turned to women and they turned to us because we do know what drives the foundation of society, which his family, it is loved ones, it is love, but also being willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that the next day is one that you own and is safe for everyone you love. that is what the conservative ideal is. individual freedom, financial freedom, so that we as americans can look to the future as something that we will design and no one else. my thanks to everyone of these great women. [applause] ♪ [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014]
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♪ [applause] how is everyone doing? have you had a's good see pack so far? does anyone love sarah palin? [applause] if i walked out there and asked 100 of you of why you love sarah, i would probably get 100 different answers. if you asked me, it is because she is an unapologetic supporter of the right to keep and bear arms and an avid hunter. you might love the fact that she rolls up her sleeves and goes out and works hard to elect leaders like nikki haley. love that she would rather tell michael bloomberg to
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have a coke and a smile and stop telling us to -- how to live our lives. [applause] one thing that we all love about sarah is that she drives liberals absolutely crazy. [applause] it is funny to watch. they come unglued. they don't know what to do. is it because she took on the establishment and beat the incumbent mayor of wasilla? is it because she became the first female governor of the state of alaska? the truth is, it is not. the reason she drives them crazy is the reason we love her so much. it is because the cheese stands firmly in between our freedom and our opponents who want to drive this country into a place that we can even recognize. that is what sarah palin does. that is why we love her. please watch this video.
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to fire up thew conservative people. >> she is a superstar. >> she is fearless. she is principal. sarah palin jumped in early and supported rand paul. she supported marco rubio. nikki haley. jeff fisher. she is probably going -- he is probably going to win this thing thanks to sarah palin. she dominated one more time. consultantsten to and the let the big bad media scare you off. they talk about rebranding the gop. instead of restoring the trust of the american people. how about rebuilding the middle class? now is the time to furlough the consulting.
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don't let them invalidate you. >> she plays by her own rules. >> it is time for we, the people to rake up the cronyism. they are people willing to lead. >> she is hoping the future. she is saying to the old dog, your time is absolutely up. >> we deserve better than the people who call themselves our leaders. we won't get it unless we are ready to fight. this is one fight that is worth it. >> the power of palin. >> the bottom line is she has clout. >> you are trying to mobilize, to get involved, to run themselves or support candidates they like. she says the work is not done yet. >> the next election is 20 months away. the last thing we need is
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washington, d.c. vetting our candidates. in the u.s.ot be senate today if it was not for governor sarah palin. ♪ ♪ [applause] >> thank you. thank you so much. thank you very much. thank you.
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thank you so much. i am so happy to get to be with you all. it is cool to see some of the college republicans sitting down here. [applause] i met some of you in the lobby. in addition to some great independents and libertarians. they were awesome. and i met some of our proud and wonderful members of the military. i love you guys. you are my heroes. i love you because i love freedom. if you love your freedom, thank a vet. we thank you guys. [applause] it is really good to be here today. i love coming back here because there are so many young people, or as you are known by folks
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across the river, "obamacare suckers." you are the ones who will pay the bills in our brave new world. they forgot that part, didn't they, when they said that you were the change you were waiting for. it turns out you have the change that they are waiting for. you have the fives, the tens, the 20's. this is the place. this is the place where the future of conservatism all starts. whether it was ronald reagan in 1975 or dr. ben carson last year, this is where it starts. it is because of you and your energy, your commitment to the greatest country on earth. and everything that makes her exceptional. it is because of you.
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[applause] i look at you and i feel good. when we were here last year there was some reeling going on because of the election results. our fellow americans had decided evidently to double down on hope and change and the sages of the beltway and their sock puppets. [applause] they said that we had to give up on our principles. they said that the train of history was roaring to the left. jump on board or get left behind. but then, something happened. that hope and change, it went
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from a catchy campaign slogan to a reality and along the way, hope and change, yes we can, it became "no, you can't." you cannot log onto the website. [laughter] you cannot keep your health care. [laughter] you can't make a phone call without michelle obama knowing. this is the third time this week you have dialed pizza hut delivery. [laughter] [applause] something did happen. we became a wiser republic. americans know now what the giants of our movement have always told us. people like friedman and reagan and margaret thatcher. there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.
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there is no free birth control. there is no free phone. there is no free doctor visit. there is no free freedom. there is no free ride. someone pays, someone always pays. if you do not know who that is, it is probably you. [laughter] [applause] americans found that out this year. hopefully those social-engineering politicos learned something as well. americans are not as obedient as they thought we were. they want to make the pay for insurance that we do not want or need. they tell us that there's
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nothing to see in benghazi, move along. not even a smidgen. they are making us bear the brunt of that dopey wobbling on the world stage. we did not come through those hoops. it is like y'all went rogue. [applause] speaking of y'all, texas, thank you. liberty needs a congress on cruz control. [laughter] [applause]
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last year something happened. the awakening began. senator ted cruz helped keep them awake. his filibuster worked in waking people up to the folly of a government takeover of our economy. he forced debate. he told colleagues it was time to stand up and use the tools of the constitution, the power of the purse, to fulfill their campaign promises. but our army lost. we had hoped that they were reloading, but instead they retreated. worse, they joined the lapdogs in the lamestream to trash the
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foot soldiers who had fought for america. [applause] ted cruz had a clever way of doing it as well. dr. seuss. who'd a thunk? who'd a thunk? good idea. maybe i will ad-lib. there he was reading it on the floor of the senate. he was telling his kids, i am thinking of you. i am thinking of all our kids. i have five kids. i have five kids. reading "green eggs and ham," i totally have it memorized. i had to spice it up a bit. little trig, his bedtime story goes like this.
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i do not like this uncle sam. i do not like his health-care scam. [laughter] i do not like -- [applause] just you wait. i do not like these dirty crooks. or how they lie and cook the books. i do not like when congress steals. i do not like their crony deals.
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i do not like this buy-in, man. i do not like, "oh yes we can." [applause] i do not like this spending spree. we are smart and we know nothing is free. i do not like reporters' smug replies when i complain about their lives. [applause] i do not like this kind of hope. we will not take it, nope, nope, nope. [applause]
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on the internet, i saw a couple lines. i winged the other ones. ted cruz and mike lee and everyone else, we have good guys in there. they are good guys and they carry the common sense gene. they know that we are a nation with a government, not the other way around. they are constitutionalist. they are sent to d.c. to fight the battles for us. it is time. it is time that we send them reinforcements. [applause] they need their reinforcements. families are hurting. hard workers. hard-working families are caught between crony capitalism that benefits the
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politically-connected and the income redistribution. i feel good about america. conservatives have not forgotten the america beyond the ruling classes. the places were most of the people who do the work and the building and the taxpaying live. that is where you will find an amazing america. we are staying true to our principles. it is a real solution to real problems. you have to hear some of those solutions. you are not just sitting back and hanging with the gang.
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letting d.c. control the people? they want to transform our country. you are not just putting up with it. we have some great pro-freedom, free market, pro-family great leaders. they are proposing ways to help the middle class. they will allow people opportunity to work. everyone will be lifted and succeed. it feels good. i see you. we have each other's backs. i feel that you know this is the stirring of a great awakening. i do believe that the eyes of america are open. unfortunately, some would just want you to hit the snooze
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button and roll back over. america, go back to sleep, little lamb. some of these folks are in the gop establishment. [applause] they are a different breed of cat. they say the smartest thing we can do right now is to lay low and stay out of the way while obamacare crashes and burns on its own. the economy sputters to a halt. forget all that sovereignty stuff. we tick off our allies and we lead a world that is looking for that shining city on a hill. we lead them from behind. the result is some very, very,
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very bad dude gaining ground. instead of putting the fear of god into our enemies, proving peace through strength, that is brought to you courtesy of the red, white, and blue. that is what the u.s. military can do. [applause] some gop experts subscribe to the old saying that we should not interrupt will air in the process of destroying themselves. that maybe true, but you do interrupt when they are in the process of destroying your country. [applause] that is what we are going to do. we are going to stop them. 2014. we are gonna stop them.
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by the way, the complacence that completed once that shine the boot that would stomp on our cks, they are working be statist agenda of obama. this applies to you in the 2016 presidential race. >> run, sarah, run! >> i didn't get to run this morning. [laughter] i should have this morning. i did not get a chance to. i did hot yoga. i am so sorry for some of those cabinet members. take secretary of state john kerry. did you say, take him? i feel sorry because it is draining on him, i am sure. he does not look happy. [laughter] he sent this message where the
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president is dazed and confused strategic. you can see it on him. bless his heart. [laughter] there is no need to ask him, why the long face? [laughter] now we know. those policies that the cabinet have to explain and justify, how do you convey to vladimir putin, " vladimir, don't mess around or you will feel my flexibility." [laughter] i have a phone and a pen. i can dial really fast and poke
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you with my pen. this is the guy who promised to provide for the set, but there are more uninsured today than when obama began the he promised jobs for the jobless. fewer people are working. the average family is bringing home $4000 less than when obama started. he promised us a safe and peaceful world. he has al qaeda on the run. yeah, perhaps towards us. [laughter] safer? he would gut our arsenal will he allow enemies to enrich? that is like a liberal on gun control. mr. president, the only thing that stops the bad guys with the nukes is a good guy with the nukes. [applause]
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he promised to heal the planet and stop the rise of the oceans, but the planet is not listening to dr. obama. [laughter] and the only thing rising in his lalaland if the russian empire. i'm sorry. i am probably being too hard on the president. after all, who could have seen this coming? [laughter] [applause]
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the gop establishment is going along to get along. we need another come to jesus meeting. it is time. the democrats' agenda is a lost cause. president obama is tested. he knows that the issue of our time is the oppressive stagnation facing the middle class. good working-class families cannot get ahead. that is why he baits the gop establishment. it is a tit for tat. they pander and they do damage.
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their agenda is failure and fiasco on steroids. america is counting on the gop to get it right. that is why the establishment cannot blow it. no republican gets elected promising higher taxes, wasteful spending, increased debt, bigger government. rewarding lawbreakers of amnesty? why are they voting for the things now? why should we reward them with our votes? [applause] you know that 2010 election victory that swept into power? you did not build that. the tea party did.
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[applause] dance with the one who brought you. grab a broom and join us at the party. eyes are open. we are stronger now. we are wiser now. god knows that we are hungry. there are not enough low-information voters to see the other side this year. we must not retreat. when we met next, harry reid will be the senate minority leader, -- [laughter] or a blackjack dealer in vegas. where everything stays in vegas. [applause]
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another reason to feel good about our future and our movement is because culturally, we are pushing back against what some would call the perpetual panties in a wad people. they have some latest outrage against the latest victimized identity group. they are professionals at taking offense. it is what they do. their minions and the media are even quicker at publicizing their manufactured outrage. the play is always the same. somebody on the right, somebody who is not politically correct. [laughter] that was me once or twice. or you are being distorted. and these perpetually wadded up people get to work. they claim to want tolerance.
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they are the complete opposite. they want to shut up anyone who does not toe their line. what is happening? buck up or stay in the truck. that is how we grow. [applause] remember when their skirt got tangled over their heads recently because our buddy from "duck dynasty" -- remember that? [applause] he is talking about that with a reporter from "gq," first mistake. in between saying that he loves
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humanity, he said that we are all sinners. leave it to god. he quoted the bible and expressed his opinion. what did that brilliant tv network do? they fired him. they canned the devout christian for expressing his devout christian views on a television show about a devout christian family. because nothing is ever wrong. it is those executives who get to school america on standards. they are the ones. in another time, that might have been it. phil would have stayed fired. not now. not this time. [applause] people over america knew that it should just not be swingers on tv shows.
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they understood that phil's right to express himself and that fight was all about our right to express ourselves. his fight was our fight. we pushed back and we won. [applause] now everyone is happy, happy, happy. [laughter] these are the same thinking couch liberals. they whine that we disrespect women. that is bull. democrats, it is your leaders who are demeaning to women. [applause] liberals seem to think that the women of america are cheap dates.
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feed them a few lines about free birth control and throw in some scary quotes about the war on women. don't bother their pretty little head about debt or energy independence. imagine if we treated the men like that. a quick word with the sisters here. guys, give us a minute. go play some racing game on your cell phone. [laughter] i will talk to the ladies for a second. we know better than to fall for that victimization line. it comes from the president and his party. if you have a friend or sister or roommate falling for this hooey, you have to set them straight. who is really stereotyping you?
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people that think you are a thinking, striving individual? those who put you in a box and define you still by body parts? women, don't let them use you. unless you choose to be their political pawn or their piece of accessory on their arm. that is not liberation. that is subjugation. this sisterhood fights against that. [applause] we fight the mastery that big government would want over us.
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who are the real women liberators? you can join us. be legit. come on, libs, do you really think, i am woman hear me -- no. donkeys bray. only mama grizzlies can say, "hear me roar." [applause] let the women of america know our platform. family, faith, freedom. be bold in making our case. we are the heiresses of thatcher and others.
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stop apologizing and start you day in july as a. xing --you can july evnagelizing. if the boys are not up to the challenge, women are happy to lead the charge. [applause] this sisterhood so believes in respect and the power and purposeful potential of every woman so much so that we are the party with the blank that protects even our littlest sisters in the womb. [applause] friends, last year i stood here and declared that we are not here to rebrand the party. we are here to rebrand the
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country. we should not be in the business of using the right phraseology or pandering to special interest. we are in the business of digging ourselves out of debt and restoring competitiveness, educating our children, and liberating our potential. truth be told, coming from a very diverse family and being independent, i do not care what you call yourself or how you rebrand a party. if you stand for those things, i stand with you. to stand here, it is to stand on the shoulders of giants. the men and women who came before at podiums like that in front of patriots like you. you are the key. you are what matters in all of this.
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they were devoting their lives to preserving and protecting. some are veterans, some politicians, some were housewives. they were speaking to soldiers, students, teachers, firemen, fishermen, farmers, every race, color, creed. all were part of a remarkable movement of freedom and human flourishing. for all that they have achieved, such a great price that they have paid. in their armor -- honor, work hard and feel good knowing that the best is yet to come. this is a great awakening. the age of obama is almost over. [applause]
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the end of an error. he is the lamest of lame ducks. we should expand our ranks to save our country. our imperative mission for small government and big freedom. it is big enough for every american who loves liberty and trusts the individual. we know america. not from the top down. from the heart, looking out. our message resonates. we believe in the promise of america. that message resonates and it has since the band of brothers dumped tea in the boston harbor. [applause] we have got to be that band of brothers and sisters again. we should not fundamentally transform america, but save it.
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we should fundamentally restore the promise of america. it is because of you. it is we the people, because of you, but i have never been more optimistic about the age of are one nation under god. stand and fight for it. the best is yet to come. [applause] god bless conservatives. god bless america. ♪ >> one of the of the annual vents is a presidential straw poll. this year's winter -- winner was rand paul. he gathered 31% of the vote. coming in second was ted cruz of
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11% and rounding out the top six were dr. ben carson with 9%, governor chris christie with 8%, and scott walker and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum with each 7% of the vote. state john kerry, ted cruz, and former governor charlie crist were some of the main speakers at this weekend project red iron dinner. dinner.iron journalists and politicians poke fun at each other. secretary kerry attended in place of president obama. senator cruz is the republican speaker and republican turned democrat charlie crist represented his new party. every president since grover cleveland has attended the gridiron dinner.
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here is a look at some of the arrivals. from?re are you >> [indiscernible] >> i hope you have a nice time. >> thank you very much. >> how are you doing?
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>> are you ready? give me the book. that is a great book. [laughter] at 10:30 sign tomorrow here in d.c. do you? come see us tomorrow. have a great night. >> in his weekly address, president obama urged august to raise the federal min wage to $10.10 an hour. and the republican address, senator rob portman talks about the republican plan to improve
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the economy. >> hi, everybody. this week, i traveled to new england, where i was joined by four governors who are working to raise the minimum wage in each of their states. and they've also joined me in calling on congress to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour. because it would give nearly 800,000 americans in their states a raise - and lift wages for about 28 million across the country. so these governors aren't waiting for congress to make up its mind. and in my state of the union address, i asked america's business leaders to go ahead and do what they could to raise their employees' wages, too. and increasingly, it's not just large companies like costco or the gap that choose to pay their employees higher starting wages. it's smaller businesses like jaxson's, a family-owned ice cream parlor in south florida. they answered the call and raised their wages so that more than 70 employees would earn at least $10.10 an hour, without cutting back on hiring.
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and two weeks ago, an atlanta small business owner named darien southerland wrote me to share a lesson his grandmother taught him -- that if you treat your employees right, they'll treat you right. and vice president biden paid him a visit this week. i agree with these business owners, which is why i issued an executive order requiring federal contractors to pay their employees a fair wage of at least $10.10 an hour. it's good for our bottom line. and working americans have struggled through stagnant wages for far too long. a clear majority of americans support raising the minimum wage, because we believe that nobody who works full-time should have to live in poverty. about half of all republicans support raising the minimum wage, too. it's just too bad they don't serve in congress. because the republicans who do serve in congress don't want to vote on the minimum wage at all. some even want to get rid of it completely. seriously. that's why what business leaders and everyday americans are doing to raise wages is so important. because change doesn't come from
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washington -- change comes to washington. i've always believed that, and it's true in this case, too. outside washington, americans are ready to put aside old political arguments and move this country forward. the american people are way ahead of congress on this issue, and we've just got to let congress know that. it's time for "ten-ten." it's time to give america a raise. and it's time to restore opportunity for all. thanks, and have a great weekend. >> hi, i'm u.s. senator rob portman from ohio, and i want to talk to you today about how to get america moving again. it's been five years since the experts said the recession was over, but for millions of americans, it feels like it never ended. we're living through the weakest economic recovery since world war ii, and a lot of folks are struggling to make ends meet. unemployment remains stubbornly high -- the number of long-term unemployed is actually at record levels. but these statistics only tell half the story.
11:49 pm
eleven million americans have become so discouraged that they've given up looking for work altogether. poverty rates have gone up, salaries have gone down, with the average family now bringing home $4,000 less than they did just five years ago. the wealthy are doing just fine in the obama economy. but with paychecks down and the cost of healthcare, college education and a tank of gas going up, this middle class squeeze is strangling the american dream. clearly, the policies coming out of washington, dc haven't worked. president obama and democratic leaders in congress believed we could spend our way to prosperity, and i guess they still do. despite record levels of debt, the president's budget this week asked for hundreds of billions in new government spending and over a trillion in new taxes. it's the same old story. washington has tried more taxing, even more spending and an unprecedented amount of borrowing -- and yet here we are. some say this is just the new normal and we need to get used
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to it. fewer people working, smaller middle-class paychecks, bigger government, never-ending deficits and record debt piled on our kids and grandkids. i say that's wrong. that our best days should be ahead of us. we know we can do better, and it starts by putting our trust back in the american people. that's what's at the heart of jobs for america, a seven point plan put forward by senate republicans to bring back opportunity, spark an economic recovery and restore to every american a shot at the american dream. it starts by getting government out of the way where we need to, whether it's healthcare, regulations, or taxation. take obamacare. i think it's clear to just about everybody, maybe except the president, that it's just not working. he promised people they could keep their health care plans, but they're losing them. he said costs would go down, but for many, they've soared. let's replace obamacare with reforms that put you back in charge of your own healthcare. decisions about your health should be between you and your doctor, not a bureaucrat and an
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insurance company. let's expand choice, rather than limiting it. let's create jobs, instead of destroying them. and let's bring down the costs instead of driving them up. obamacare is a good example of government overreach, but it's far from the only one unfortunately. bureaucracy and red tape are also burying many american businesses and making it harder to create jobs. we've proposed changes that will ensure that the benefits of regulations are worth the cost - - that regulations do their job, without costing you yours. then there's the tax code. april 15th is coming up, and i don't have to tell you that the tax code is a complex and expensive mess that needs to be simplified. but what a lot of folks probably don't know is that our out-of-date and inefficient corporate tax code is driving opportunity and investment overseas, creating jobs in other places that should be right here in america. let's fix the code so that every company pays its fair share while bringing those dollars back to our shores to expand plant, equipment, and jobs.
11:52 pm
and let's also make sure that the taxes you do pay are spent wisely. let's pass a balanced budget amendment to rein in the runaway, big government spending that drives our deficits. we often talk about the irresponsible debt burden we are leaving our children and grandchildren. that's bad enough. but our massive debt doesn't just mortgage our future; it undermines our present and has a direct impact on jobs and the economy right now, today. the government's bad habits shouldn't stand in the way of your success. let's also get the united states back into the business expanding markets overseas for what we make right here in america. we have some trade agreements hanging in the balance now. let's be sure we are competing on a level playing field and give the president the authority he needs to open more markets for our farmers and our workers. we want to see people around the world buying products that are stamped, "made in america," so we can create more jobs right
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here at home. we can also create jobs by making the all-of-the-above energy strategy we hear so much about a reality. let's produce more and use less. we should wage a war on inefficiency, but not a war on coal. we should expand all forms of american energy, including through offshore drilling and developing our shale natural gas. and let's finally approve the keystone pipeline to create jobs and speed the day when north america will truly be energy independent. and finally, let's make sure americans can get the skills they need to access the jobs that are out there. the federal government now runs 47 different, often overlapping, workforce-training programs, but they aren't closing the skills gap. in fact, they have too much bureaucracy and too much inefficiency. if we want more americans in a job, then we need workforce retraining programs that do a better job. these are seven commonsense proposals with bipartisan roots that we all know can help get our country moving again. america's best days can be ahead of us, just beyond the next horizon. we just have to reapply some of the principles that have made
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america that beacon of hope and opportunity for the rest of the world. "a rising tide lifts all boats," said john f. kennedy. let's enact these reforms. if we do, we'll see unemployment rates drop, we'll see incomes rise and we'll see the gap between the rich and the poor close, not because we are bringing people down but because we are bringing people up. thanks so much for listening, and may god continue to bless our great country. "newsmakers," texas congressman kevin brady. he discusses the president's budget, tax overhaul lands, the minimum wage, the health care law, and john boehner's future as speaker of the house. here are some of his remarks. that dave camp is term limited as chairman of the ways and means committee.
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you're next in line to chair the committee but congressman ryan has expressed interest in taking over ways and means once mr. kamp steps down. you have expressed interest and set when the time is right that you will be making the case to leadership that you should be chairing the committee. when is the time right and how intense would you expect that campaign to be against your friend, mr. ryan? >> paul ryan is a terrific friend. he is a terrific leader and we have been on a board committee working our way up together for many years. we both have ideas on where we can go on tax reform, how we face social security and medicare, and how we will revamp trade agreements. the time is not quite right. we are both focused on helping advance this discussion draft which i think is critical. i am in the middle of trying to find a permanent solution to how we reimburse doctors for medicare. andel like i am qualified
11:56 pm
prepared to be the committee. at the right time, i will make the case to my colleagues. >> your gut feeling right now, as of today, is speaker boehner coming back for another term or will he be retiring after this year? >> i honestly do not know. i leave it to the speaker to make that decision. and i do know is that he our leadership are working very hard to advanced our program. it is a tough job. frankly, i would not want it. is an important remainder of the year because we want to head into november elections with momentum. we have work to do and i think everyone is focused for. >> are you prepared to fight for mr. boehner to remain as speaker? boehner has been a very strong leader. he has worked very hard for our conference.
11:57 pm
i'm going to leave that decision to him. i trust his judgment. "newsmakers" is sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. some of the speakers on the third and final day of the conservative political action conference, known as cpac. gingrich,de newt heritage foundation president coulter,t, author anne and former alaska governor sarah palin. this annual meeting is hosted by the american conservative union. [applause] ♪ >> we want a country where
11:58 pm
personal freedom is cherished. we are all americans are treated equally so that everyone can pursue the american dream. nearly every american you talk to will tell you that they want that, too. nklot of americans thi they already have it. but when you have been targeted by the irs, when your government is making you buy insurance, you neither want nor need. nation is over $17 trillion in debt, which means that every american owes over $50,000, or when some laws are enforced and others are ignored completely, you realize washington may not cherish freedom at all. us. is why america needs
11:59 pm
that is why we formed tea party patriots. we will win. [applause] values, personal freedoms, economic freedom, and eight yet-free future will win -- a debt-free future will win. we do not want to see our country stretched too thin because we know it is not fair to leave our children and grandchildren with the bills that we have incurred for our nation's debt. we must repeal be entire health care law. [applause] and put choice back in the hands of people. we must grow our economy and the fastest way to do that is with reduced taxes, replacing the
12:00 am
entire tax code with a fair rate. when it comes to immigration reform, we know there is already a legal path to citizenship for those willing to immigration -- immigrate here. anyone who goes around that should not be granted amnesty. it is not fair or equal treatment under the law. michele bachmann knew that america needed the people of the tea party. she trusted the people. in 2009, she helped turn our passion in the tea party movement into productive action. like us, she dreams of an america that lives up to its potential.
12:01 am
our dreams are so lofty because we do cherish personal freedom. we know our job is not done until everyone, including those we elect to represent us cherish personal freedom too. ladies and gentlemen, join me in welcoming, tea party patriot champion, and my friend, congresswoman michele bachmann. [applause] ♪ >> good morning, everyone. you look beautiful. thank you for being here. what a thrill to be here. you are a dear friend. you are a true patriot, a great conservative woman. i just want to say this morning,
12:02 am
we will have a woman for president, just the right one. do not forget, we are the party, the only party that had a woman on the presidential ticket in this century. in the last race in 2012, where the only party that fills a woman -- had a woman who wanted to dismantle obamacare and make sure that iran never had a nuclear weapon. the other party talks about nominating a woman in 2016. that is fine. but she's going to have a lot of tough questions she will have to answer. she is going to have the answer one of the bigger questions. when she gave that reset button to russia, did she not think
12:03 am
they weren't going to use it? they are busy resetting the boundaries in ukraine as we speak. when the phone call came in the 3:00 hour, when she found out that americans were under attack, she is going to have to answer very tough questions. did she pick up the phone and call the secretary of defense, the president of the united states, and demand that they send a military rescue operation into benghazi to rescue americans that were under fire? >> no. >> she's going to have to answer another tough question. she's going to have to explain why she blames a hollywood filmmaker, who is doing nothing more than exercising his first amendment right, rather than the al qaeda-inspired terrorist to conducted the attack.
12:04 am
let's take a quick trip down memory lane. in 2008, barack obama promised all of us, as we heard him say, that in five days he was going to fundamentally transform the united states of america. check that box. what he transformed was our constitutional system of checks and balances. we know that the president has a very high opinion of himself. we did not know that when he read the constitution that he thought article one, the legislator, article two, the executive, and article three the judicial system, was all about himself. that is transforming. that is lawlessness. that is going to end. [applause]
12:05 am
the president transformed our health care system. it is made up of plutocratz. we are only at the threshold of obamacare's demonstration. next up is transforming the immigration system. that is the last thing that conservatives should do, is to help the president pass his number one goal of his second term, and that is amnesty. [applause] america has been a beacon of freedom in a tumultuous world. we do not for a moment apologize for our policies on legal immigration. we allow over one million people into this country every year. we should give ourselves around of applause for that.
12:06 am
we warmly welcome those who seek to come to our country legally. to come here, any new american must do what all of us are required to do, respect the rule of law. now mr. president, i hope you're listening. that goes especially for you. [applause] who is it that is clamoring for amnesty? is it the american worker? that is near the bottom of his priority list. the answer is, wall street, big businesses it is connected lobbyist in the city who want it done. there are 20 million americans who want a full-time job. they cannot find one. we have the lowest labor participation rate since women joined the workforce in the 1970's. with so many americans struggling in the obama economy,
12:07 am
i think it is incumbent upon us. our first duty has to be to help our fellow american workers. not lower their wages by adding unskilled laborers. the question becomes, will we become a country of growth and opportunity, or a country of dependency and the welfare state? the consultant class says that amnesty is a great idea. but we have to stand for the middle class. when you consider the president's absolute disregard for the constitution, there is no reason to trust him to enforce the law on the books. it is time we learned the lessons of 1986. number one, secure the border first. second, build the dang fence. [applause]
12:08 am
i know it is tempting to look ahead to a new president. i know that from experience. but we have to keep our eyes on the prize. i know you agree with me. taking the gavel out of harry reid's hand on the first tuesday in november is going to feel pretty darn sweet. in fact, we all need to tell harry reid that his reign is over. [applause] we all remember how great we felt in 2010 when we rose up and pulled the gavel out of nancy pelosi's hand. that was a sweet day. with your hand, we will bring that same magic and then some this year in 2014. our movement, at its core, is an intellectual movement.
12:09 am
we are based on the greatest ideas that have ever been conceived in the mind of man. i would put those magnificent ideas up against any other idea of freedom in the world. the constitution, limited government, free enterprise, these are the principles that have passed the test of time. nothing in our constitution says government is supposed to be a charity. government is not the family. it is not the church. it should never be our doctors office. and you know as well as i do, that america has not survived for more than 200 years because of washington bureaucracy. it survived because it has been preserved by the men and women who have risen to the challenge and made our country great. we will survive barack obama too.
12:10 am
i want to leave you with some powerful words that were given by a man who gave me wonderful order. he gave that order to a man who had a difficult ride in the beginning of our nations history. he was called paul revere. we were under severe and imminent attack and these were the words. he said, on you depend the fortunes of america. you are to decide the important question, on which rest the happiness and liberty of millions, yet unborn, that is worthy of yourself. the path the president put us on is transforming this nation before our eyes into a nation that none of us recognize. do not despair. as the president is smothering the american dream at home and
12:11 am
projecting weakness abroad, know that answering great challenges is what we americans do for a living. [applause] we have overcome these challenges, and we will do it again. it begins today. it begins with you. join us. pledge today. act worthy of ourselves. thank you. god bless the united states of america. [applause] >> thank you for that warm welcome. it is great to be back. there is a good reason so many conservatives come to washington each year for this conference. for four decades, cpac has played a major role in developing ideas and issues for the conservative movement and the american people.
12:12 am
this year's conference may be one of the most important because it comes at a time when president obama's policies are failing at almost every front. our discussions here, about the future of conservatism, the future of the republican party, and even more importantly, the future of america, are vital. they must be based firmly on the key values of american exceptionalism and the founding principles of our constitution. every american should understand what makes us unique as the people, as a country. unfortunately, today, many of our children are failing to learn the basics about our american history. instead, many are learning revisionist or politically correct history. as a consequence, many people, young and old, have no idea what
12:13 am
it means to be an american. because of this, i have developed an american history series for children, known as the "ellis the elephant" series. [applause] if the left fails to accurately teach our children about american history, then we have to step up and get the job done. [applause] this october, my time traveling packyderm is back, as he joins lewis and clark on their journey to the pacific and from sea to shining sea. newt and i work for american values, doing historical documentary films in collaboration with the team at citizens united. we are pleased that several of
12:14 am
these documentaries have been shown here at cpac. newt is working on a strategy that will help america break out of the disasters of obamacare, bureaucratic domination, and economic stagnation. newt believes that we can break out if we embrace exciting innovations that will lead to a better future. he is focused on combining the principles of american exceptionalism with the strength of modern science and technology. this combination will once again make us the clear choice for solving america's problems and lead us to a healthy economy, a balanced budget, limited government, better health care, and strong national security. to explain these ideas, please join me in welcoming former
12:15 am
speaker of the house and my husband, newt gingrich. [applause] [applause] >> well, thank you. thank all of you. i congratulate the american conservative union on its 50th anniversary. and i congratulate you -- it may have been seen more widely than any conference we have ever had. i am impressed by the sheer number of people who have been speaking and the degree to which they are being watched around
12:16 am
the country. i came to reinforce rick perry's speech from yesterday. particularly where he said it is time for a little rebellion on the battlefield of ideas. [applause] i want to suggest to you that actually, it is time for a big rebellion on the battlefield of ideas. i also came to issue a warning. if our movement is primarily anti-obama, we will in fact reduce the number of victories we should win this fall. if we spend the next three years being primarily anti-hillary, we will virtually guarantee her election. as the first democrat in office in 70 years to hold the white house for a third term. we must stop being -- [laughter] it is a fact. no democrat has been elected three times in a row. we do not want that to happen. to make sure that does not
12:17 am
happen, we must stop being the opposition movement and we must become the alternative government movement that will help to make the life of every american better, so that they understand what we would do that would be right, not just what the left is doing that is wrong. [applause] last year at cpac, i talked about thomas edison and the light bulb. all of those things have dramatically improved the lives of the american people and given them dramatically more choices. i think that we can break out, if we combine american exceptionalism, science, and technology, and entrepreneurialship and understand that we can offer a dramatically better future. we can be in favor of the kind
12:18 am
of changes that dramatically improve people's lives. i wrote a book that outlines this. i do a weekly podcast and two newsletters that you can get at gingrich productions. i think that the synthesis of core values that have made america great, with the capabilities in science and technology, so that we actually reduce the cost of medicare in the future, because we solve the problem of alzheimer's. we reduce the cost of children with autism because we solve the problem of autism. there are a thousand things going on in our country. hundreds of thousands of pioneers of the future. all of you can go back home and you will find people who are developing a better future. the reason it has become so hard is that we have also grown prison guards of the past. they do everything they can to block the development of a better future. you just saw the mayor of new
12:19 am
york do that in closing charter schools in a way that hurts black and hispanic children. he represents the teachers union, who are the biggest prison guards of education. [applause] if we had had the current model of giant government in the 1840's, the stage coach would have hired a lobbyist to pass a bill for limiting railroads to the speed of a horse. anything else would be unfair competition. what i am trying to do is to set up a conversation in america of everybody on our side. in 2016, hillary clinton will be the leading prison guard, propping up every failed bureaucratic institution in america. [applause] if this is a fight between the
12:20 am
future and the past and we truly represent a better future and they truly represent those forces blocking that future, we will win decisively and we will govern for two generations. we will restore a healthy american economy and improve the health system. we will accelerate learning and america to an extraordinary degree and we will regain our national security on a scale that no other country can compete with. that requires us to be oriented to positive things. one of the keys to this future is a smart phone. how many of you have one? how many of you no longer carry a map in your car? think about what a revolution it is to look on maps as obsolete. you have some woman telling you where to go. [laughter]
12:21 am
i know a number of you guys have had that experience earlier. [applause] i knew you would like that. let me give you an example. the smartphone will be the leading public health device in the 21st century. it will be the leading learning device. it will be the leading management tool. the congressman, the doctor has a smartphone that has eight medical applications. he can do an electrocardiogram with his smartphone. the fda, seen the dramatic rise in applications to improve your health, wants to take over approving applications for smart phones. if you want to see a fight where we can be on the side of the younger americans and the left is hopeless, talk to any college campus and say how would you like washington bureaucrats
12:22 am
slowing down the number of applications you can get? most of them are free. the washington bureaucrats want to control what you have access to. i want to commend senator doug fisher and his colleague because they introduce bills in the house and senate that will block the fda from stopping smart phone apps. [applause] that is an example of what a breakout party is capable of doing. i urge all of you to look at the kahn academy, which has over 10 million visitors a month. for free. go look at duo lingo, which teaches six languages for free. there are 40 different applications for education, all of them free. there is a revolution coming and we have the opportunity to lead
12:23 am
it. it will dramatically shrink the bureaucracy and return power to the american people, increase the quality of your life, and do so in a way that returns us back to a much more limited government. what we stand for is an effective, accountable, limited government under the constitution. that is a choice we can win. [applause] let me also say that first breakout was in north dakota. the fact is, we have had a revolution in natural gas and oil. we are now the largest natural gas producer in the world. if this president had any sense of seriousness about russia, he would have already issued an executive order allowing american natural gas to be shipped to europe. [applause] he would already be open to
12:24 am
offshore and federal properties for exploration and he would say that we would drive down the price of oil so that russia would be bankrupt, as it was in the cold war by ronald reagan. if you look out five or 10 years, a poverty-stricken putin is not a very dangerous putin. i think we can design strategies that can increase american jobs, increase the healthy american economy, weaken russia, and to do so in a way that is totally peaceful and yet stunningly powerful. that is what reagan was about. he defeated the soviet empire without a general war by intelligent, sound strategy. [applause] we can break out. i hope all of you will go home and find pioneers you can work with.
12:25 am
i also will go home and work with the local government and school board. develop new breakthroughs. work with state legislators. i do think we have an enormous opportunity to create a better future. i want to close with something i said about prosperity. i want to defend the president. i think that sometimes we have to be big enough to stand up for him even if we do not agree with him. there are a number of people who have criticized him for going to key largo, florida while there is a crisis underway in ukraine. i just want you to know, the president spent all of last week proving that he was capable of being ineffective. i believe that he can be as ineffective in key largo as he was in the white house.
12:26 am
[laughter] [cheers and applause] so my closing appeal to you is to go back home and say to your friends -- stand up for obama's right to be utterly ineffective wherever he happens to be, and don't expect more than that because you ain't gonna get it. thank you very much and god bless you. [cheers and applause]
12:27 am
[cheers and applause] >> i just wanted you to is my wonderful wife of 39 years. [applause] thank you for that very warm welcome. i have a lot to say so i'm going to go pretty quickly here. the land of it has to fill dreams of so many people from so many places. up as a child, i had the dream of becoming a position , . i love anything that had to do with medicine. i even like going to the doctor's office.
12:28 am
i was pretty weird. what an incredible career it provided for me. somebody had sent me in front of the keyboard and said i want you to type up the career you want to have, i could not have come up with the edison area because we live in a land of opportunity because i had a mother who had no excuses and i believe in god. [applause] i thought last year when i retired that i was going to learn to play the organ and learned some new languages and play golf .>> ladies and . i think the good lord had a different plan. [applause] not sure what the
12:29 am
culmination of that plan is but i am having a good time and candy is having a good time as we go all over the country, red states, lou states, north, south, east, west. saying, there're is somebody else with common sense? [applause] here's the good news. the majority of people in this country have common sense. the problem is that they have been beaten into submission. and people are afraid to speak up for what they believe. principles, he says you make a majority believe that what they think is outdated and nobody thinks that way and that the way they think is the only way intelligent people think and if you could corrupt the media in process, you are ahead of the game.
12:30 am
it is time for people to stand up and proclaim what they believe in and stop being bullied. [applause] one of the most wonderful things that people say don't you miss medicine? i miss what went -- i miss with medicine used to be. i do miss the patient's but the good thing is i've operate on somebody thousands of patients, there is never -- know where i can go that i don't get to see some of them. it is a wonderful thing to be able to get involved in people's lives. the most important thing they have is their health care. and that is the reason that we need to fight to make sure that that stays in their hands and not in the hands of the government. [cheers and applause]
12:31 am
you know, medicine prepared me for out of the box thinking. it prepared me for a lot of controversy. i got involved in doing new procedures and there were some people who did not like that very much, but i tell you the difference. in medicine, we actually talked about it. we talked about the difference we talked about the evidence and the facts, and when the facts were shown, people made adjustments. unfortunately, that does not happen in a political world because you are dealing with ideologues. they do not care how many facts to show, they just want to believe what they believe and they want to keep doubling down on it. and the only people who can stop them are us. the american people. [applause] now, as you know, i am not a fan of political correctness.
12:32 am
i hate political correctness. [cheers and applause] i will continue to defy the pc police who have tried in many cases to shut me up. i actually find them pretty amusing. i mean, i still believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. [cheers and applause] you know, because i happen to mention that nobody gets to change the definition of marriage and mention some other categories, they said carson said that gay marriage and bestiality are the same thing. that is preposterous. of course they are not the same thing. anybody who believes that is a dummy, but anybody who believes
12:33 am
somebody who says that somebody said that is a dummy. that is the problem, ok? of course gay people should have the same rights as everyone else, but they don't get extra rights. they do not get to redefine marriage. [cheers and applause] and then i said that obamacare was the worst thing since slavery. now, let me tell you why i said that. of course they said carson said that slavery and obamacare are the same thing. of course they are not the same thing. slavery is much worse, but to bear in mind what happens with obamacare. we, the american people, have -- with that program -- shifted the power that was given to us by the constitution and by the founders to the government. it is the most massive shift of
12:34 am
power in america that has ever occurred. that is why we need to redo it, we need to put the power back in the hands of the people, and we need to make sure we keep it there. [cheers and applause] and then recently, i said that in nazi germany, people did not believe in what hitler was doing. most of them did not. but did they speak up? did they say anything? absolutely not, and look at the atrocities that occurred. carson says that they are changing america to nazi germany. of course that is not the case, but that is what they do. he repeat these lies over and over again because they cannot argue the actual facts. they do not want to talk about the real issues. [cheers and applause]
12:35 am
and it is important for the american people to understand the tactics of these people who simply sit around and try to demonize people, come straight out of the book, rules for radicals. he says never have a conversation with your adversary because that will humanize them and your job is to demonize them. that is why you see that all over. intelligent people will understand that because i find that there are so many people who get intimidated so easily. stop being intimidated. i look at somebody, like dr. melanie cooper, who is having a banquet a week from tonight in atlanta, new community horizons, victory over diabetes, she is a wonderful woman who's concerned for the welfare and health in the community, and there are
12:36 am
some organizations there telling people to boycott her, not to support her, why? because i'm coming to be the speaker. and they say we don't want him spewing his poison particularly to the young people. i wonder what poison that would be. would that be the poison of self-reliance and self respect? would that be the poison of telling people and minority to -- community that they need to turn the dollar and that you should reach up and pull others with you and if you do that you have to depend anybody else? would it be the poison of talking about how education is the key and that you don't have to be a victim? it is a matter of what your mind and what you decide to do.
12:37 am
and that the most important person when it comes to your future is you and the decisions that you make and the things that you decide to do. this is america. we are free. we can do that. [cheers and applause] and most importantly, would it be the poison of putting what god says in front of what any man says? think about that. you know, we have the debut of a new black conservative magazine called "current c." it is an electronic magazine through the "washington times," but you were going to see a different point of view, and it is not going to be about being a victim, it is about how we use our collective intellect and our
12:38 am
resources to move up, and that is what all of us as conservatives should be empathizing. not like some other people, how to keep people down and keep a voting bloc. we want everybody to move out. and i'm going to go there. i'm not believe in political great missiles of i'm going to go there to the 47% because i used to belong to the 47%. i belong to the 5%, but made it way up there, and i know there are a lot of people in the 47% who are decent, hard-working americans, who want to realize the american dream, and we are here to make sure that they do that. we're going to bring them up. [cheers and applause] and the other thing, so important -- save our health care. part of the american legacy pac. why have i gotten involved with that?
12:39 am
i thank everyone who has signed the petition. over 200,000. the left-wing says the reason we do not like obamacare is because it does not to go far enough. that is not true. we do not like it. we want to change it. we want something better. we want the health care in our own hands. we can do it. we pay twice as much per capita in health care for this country than the next closest nation. we can easily do this. we have a lot of alternatives. you will be able to read about them. the other thing i cannot go without saying -- $17.5 trillion national debt? the only reason we can do that is because our currency is the basis of the international reserve currency system, and we can print money. if greece could print money, they would not be in trouble, either.
12:40 am
in the 5th century bc, they could, and they were the currency, but that was a long time ago, and they were being pretty irresponsible. we are being just as irresponsible, quite frankly. $17 trillion. do you know how long it will take you to pay off if you pay $10 million a day? 4700 years. that is absolutely absurd. we are killing the next generation. we have to think about that. what did putin say last week? he said we, russia, if you put sanctions on us, we may just decide that the american dollar will no longer be the reserve currency that we use. quite frankly, that is not going to hurt us very much with just russia. it will probably hurt them more than us. but what if they get other people to do that? china has voiced some concerns. the u.n. committee in 2010 had voiced some concerns. it is because we are irresponsible and the only way for us to get out of that is we have to know who our representatives are and the
12:41 am
ones who are voting to keep raising that definitely, get them out of office. [cheers and applause] i have several other things to say, but my time has expired. >> [crowd] no! >> but one of the things that is so important for conservatives -- the ship is about to fall off the niagara falls and we are all about to be killed. and we have a bunch of people looking over the side of the ship, but there are barnacles. we have have to get the barnacles off. forget about the barnacles. we have got to get the ship turned around first. when we get through the primaries season, if your person has not won and you can call them whatever they want to call
12:42 am
them, you can call them a rhino, a tea bagger, whatever you want -- vote for them. [cheers and applause] we need those people. we need them. also, we have got to get back to the same mentality that americans had in the pre-revolutionary days. they got together with their friends and their neighbors and their associates and they talked about what kind of america do we want to have, what we want to pass onto our children, and they encouraged each other, and that is how a bunch of ragtag militia men the most powerful army in the world at that time. you need to go out and talk to people. everybody you know, have a discussion. do not let the left shut you up. everybody needs to talk about what we're doing and what we want to have as a nation. encourage each other. talk to your 87-year-old aunt who has not voted in 20 years. go and make sure that she understands what the issues are.
12:43 am
if she is an involent, make sure she signed up for an absentee ballot. if you need to go help her fill it out, go help her fill it out. get all of those people, bring them back into the fold. i run into particularly elderly people all the time all over the country, and they say i have given up on america, i am just waiting to die. we have got to bring them back in. the greatest generation can help us save this nation once again. [cheers and applause] and finally, you think about the people who sacrifice so that we can be free. i could talk about a lot of them, but you can read about them in our book "one nation," and i know the left will say he is just hawking his book. that is all he wants his money. i have got plenty of money. that is not the problem. [laughter] what we need are action steps, and we have action steps to help people, every american citizen to get involved in having a
12:44 am
country that is for, of, and by the people. we can get it back, but we have to be brave. think about people during world war ii. nations falling like dominoes one by one. the whole world about to come under tyranny except for one thing -- this nation, the united states of america who sent young men from the cities, the suburbs, the country. the young wommen who could build factories, a country who through its strength and might and determination changed the course of the world. you want to tell me we are not an exceptional nation? you go jump in the lake. that is absolutely not true. [cheers and applause] why were they willing to fight? why on d-day did those guys storm these shores of normandy,
12:45 am
being mowed down by machine gun fire, hundreds of thousands stepping over their comrades, overwhelming axis powers? they did it because they wanted you to have a land that was free. they did not do it so you can have a land where our leaders pick and choose the laws of they want to enforce. they did not do it where we can have a land where we pick winners and losers. they did it so that we can have a nation where they were as freedom and justice for all, and the next time you sing the national anthem and you get to the end of that first stanza, and it says "the land of the free and the home of the brave," do not just let those words roll off your tongue. we must remember that we cannot be free if we are not brave. thank you, and god bless. [cheers and applause]
12:46 am
>> wow. isn't it wonderful to be here with so many patriots from all around the country? thank you. my travels across the country -- i had the pleasure to meet with thousands of patriots from all walks of life. i met one of them a few weeks ago in florida that i want to tell you about. his name is bill. he turns 90 years old this year. he was born when calvin coolidge was president.
12:47 am
he lived through the worst of the great depression, world war ii, many other wars and recessions. he can hardly hear or see. but he has a positive attitude about life. he wanted me to see the christmas cards that he sent out last year. it was a book. it was bigger than most church directories. because he has 93 children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. he also want me to see a picture of all of them with the pope at the vatican. he said when the pope sell them all grouped together for the picture with him, all he said was -- i do not have to ask if you are catholic. [laughter] every year, bill gives his family one word to use when anybody says how are you doing. the question we all answer everyday.
12:48 am
last year, the word was "grateful." so all 93 of them said "i am grateful." grateful for the warmth of family, grateful for the kindness of friends, grateful for the kinds of strength full, grateful to live in the most prosperous nation the world has ever known. all year long, this grateful spirit cheered hearts of everyone who came in contact with all of his children, his grandchildren. it certainly warmed my heart, and as bill was talking, it made me wonder when my grandchildren are grown, will they still be
12:49 am
grateful for their country? will america still be worried or still be earning the right of its citizens to be grateful? you know, each year another piece of masonry falls of the things that we care about and we are grateful for in our lives. things like jobs and security, religious liberty, hope and even love. you might think it is strange for me to say that we are losing something abstract like love. the federal government might tax and regulate a lot of things, but they have not yet said that love causes global warming. not yet. so let me explain what i am talking about. more than 200 years ago, the
12:50 am
british philosopher and statesman edmund burke, who was an early friend of the american revolution, hit upon what really makes love of country possible. in his words "to be attached to the subdivision, to love the little platoon we belong to in society, is the first principle of public affections. it is the first link in the series by which we proceed toward a love to our country and to mankind." i thought about this idea a lot. in fact, i have written a book about it. what burke calls public affections, the bond that joined us to a home, a community, a state, a country, to a people, they do not exist because some political bullies in the administration or the congress mandates. become instead from the links we
12:51 am
share with all the little platoons in our lives. a family, a church, a local charity, a middle school soccer team, a pta. a small business we work for. it is through our investment and loyalty in these small institutions and their investment and loyalty to us that we have affection for our communities, our fellow citizens, and it sustains our love for america. the country that makes it all possible. little platoons inspire us to make a difference of the world around us as individuals. they encourage and channel the inclination to develop not only our full potential and serve others, but they began to create that public affection and patriotism. let's think about it for a minute. what happens if the top brass in the big central government begins to replace and to spend these little platoons in our lives?
12:52 am
what happens when decisions are made from the top down instead of the bottom up? what happens when politicians begin telling us what to believe and how to live? what happens when we depend on big government to solve our problems instead of ourselves? what happens? we know what happens. you can see it all around us. an economy that languishes. opportunities disappear. problems get worse. and instead of a sense of unity and love for our fellow americans, we feel divided and even angry with those whose views are being forced down our throats. only about 10% of americans have any faith in congress. the majority of us say that the country is on the wrong track. and a large majority of young americans no longer believe that the american dream is attainable.
12:53 am
this generation may be the first americans in history who are worse off than their parents. what is happening in our country is enough to frustrate and impress even the most optimistic americans. many have simply checked out of the public debate altogether. who can blame them? the politics, supposedly the art of achieving the highest common good for our republic has become a bludgeon to replace little platoons and little decision-making with one-size-fits-all decisions that do not fit anyone. government dependency replaces community support and self blame. handouts replace hand ups.
12:54 am
resentment replaces love of the founding and the freedom that came with it allowed many people with different backgrounds and beliefs to call this land home. living in harmony while preserving their different beliefs and ways of life. each family and community could govern itself according to its own needs and traditions. within the splendid framework of freedom and equality provided by the constitution. but when so many different viewpoints and lifestyles are forced into one mold, the free market of ideas becomes a tyranny over our hearts and minds. coercion replaces freedom. and when the needs and wants of others are forced on us by government, our fellow countrymen become objects of resentment instead of affection. and when our own government uses
12:55 am
tax collectors to target citizens because we are concerned about out-of-control government growth, spending, and debt, or when individuals are forced to pay for the taking of human life, or when small businesses are sued and fined because they refused to participate in activities that violate their deeply held religious beliefs, or when our children are forced into failing schools with no other choice, or when we feel like our voices are no longer heard or even wanted by our representatives in congress, our love for america and our fellow citizens is strained. none of us here have fallen out of love with the american dream, american ideals, america's little platoons, or the american vision of a free world, but most of us have fallen out of love with a political system that favors special interests rather
12:56 am
than a common man. a broken system that is tearing down the america we love. the only way for us to change our government is for we the people to remember that the solutions to america's problems will not come from washington but from the little platoons all around us. it must be freed from the one-size-fits-all federal government straitjacket. americans will unite around core ideas of our founding and our success. you know them. the ideas of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedoms, traditional values, a strong national defense. these are the conservative ideas that build a strong america and can once again unite us. this unity can be achieved through the original constitutional idea of federalism that focuses the
12:57 am
federal government on maintaining security through a strong defense while moving dollars and decisions from a many government functions back to the states, the communities, and to the people. [applause] and when washington stop trying to direct all aspects of our lives, americans will fall in love with each other and their country. if we let states compete for the best schools, the best health care, the best transportation system, the best ways to develop energy resources, the best tax systems, this competition will revive our economy, expand opportunities, increase upward mobility, and build an opportunity society all across america. we see this competition and
12:58 am
innovation working in a school choice in louisiana and florida and other states. a booming economy from energy development in north dakota. lower taxes and regulations in texas are creating many more businesses. and worker freedom in wisconsin and michigan and other states are attracting new businesses and economic development. these are our ideas that work. [applause] america is the greatest, most prosperous, and most compassionate nation in the history of the world because we are different than any other country in the history of the world. our success comes from the ground up, not the top down. our strength comes from individuals in a vast army of little platoons that constantly sustain and revive us. this is what creates in our
12:59 am
hearts the powerful love of country that brings us all together today. so i challenge you, my friends -- join me in falling in love with america again and again and again. thank you, and god bless you. [applause] thank you, folks. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the co-founder of cove strategies. >> our country craves leadership. the obama administration reminds us of the ugly side of liberal authoritarian ideology and raw political power. that is not leadership. that is a punishment. it is my honor to introduce a
1:00 am
true leader. she has led in the private sector, she leads in the charitable world, she is leading in the debate of ideas. she bravely took on liberal she bravely took on liberal barbara boxer in california. [applause] that is right. she ran against a liberal woman in the most liberal state in the country. wouldn't it be interesting if she took on another liberal woman in 2016? it is my honor to introduce carly fiorina, the chairman of the american conservative union foundation. [cheers and applause] >> ♪ easy come, easy go now we on top ♪ >> thank you.


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